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Gentle Vet Workshops


Gentle Vet workshop series trains veterinary staff on a wide range of holistic veterinary medicine topics from behavior, nutrition and acupuncture to waiting and treatment room protocol and environment.


Dr. Rhea Dodd truly cares about the animals in her community and makes a great contribution to their welfare by educating owners so that they can better care for their pets. She is adept at choosing topics that are relevant and interesting to the public and she presents material in a way that is both easy to understand and fun to listen to. She connects well with her audience, conveying complex material without ever talking down to them.

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  • Good ideas on how to have a happy pet. Helped me on a lot of things.
  • Great to actually see live animals and training techniques.
  • Good demonstrations. Focused on emotional interactions of owners and dogs.
  • Best seminar I have ever attended.
  • I enjoyed the medical background along with the behavior issues.
  • Very attention-getting and enthusiastic.
  • I was very interested in the behavior info and it opened my mind to new knowledge.
  • Overall, good detail for owners.
  • Informative, entertaining, and kept my interest and provided valuable information I can use on my own cat and in my volunteer position with the HSPPR.
  • It is great information and fun.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed - felt like it taught me a lot of information and tips that I did not get at puppy training at PetsMart.
  • Great seminar; lots of information, made me eager to get home to try.

Dr. Rhea Dodd and Gentle Vet - A Metro Denver, Colorado Veterinary Acupuncture
and Behavior Practice Dedicated Exclusively to your Pet's Comfort and Happiness.

IVAS and CSU certified in Veterinary Acupuncture :: IVCA Certified in Veterinary Chiropractic